State Courts of Singapore 2014 Enterprise Rebrand

At one point or another, company executives embark on rebranding programs to stay relevant with target audiences. A corporate rebrand may focus on one or more challenge(s) – to gain market share, reveal new lines, reposition portfolio, overcome negative publicity or to communicate new management. Rebranding a company’s identity, architecture and other components presents challenges, accompanied by varying degrees of difficulty.

State Courts of Singapore 2014 Enterprise Rebrand


Country Base: Singapore
Sector: Public

The Subordinate Courts of Singapore is one of the two tiers of the court system in Singapore, the other tier being the Supreme Court. The Subordinate Courts comprise the District and Magistrate Courts—both of which oversee civil and criminal matters—as well as specialised family, juvenile, coroner’s courts and a small claims court called the Small Claims Tribunal.

The corporate rebrand focused on creating strategic and visual alignment, and defining a clear role in the public mind. The new positioning had to represent the court’s facet changes and reflect an elevated status as the nation’s primary dispensers of justice.

In March 2014, the Subordinate Courts was renamed “State Courts”. We developed a logo that met the rebranding challenges and one that balances modernity with the trust of the courts. A complete identity system (corporate mark, tone of voice, and brand guidelines) brought the new brand to life.

Stakeholders are all rallying behind the new brand, which is consistently applied across all corporate communications. The new brand plays a clearly defined endorser role on all communications, and continuously acts as the strategic point of reference for all corporate initiatives.

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“It was a pleasure to work with the team led by Tracey Chu from INSIDEOUT. The team always responded promptly and adhered to deadlines. It took instructions accurately most of the time, something which is highly valued because it reflected the professionalism of the team and its ability to understand the client’s requirements.

The quality of the work produced by INSIDEOUT is commendable. When drafting the rationale for the State Courts logo design, it was obvious that Tracey and her team put in effort to understand the work of the State Courts so that they could propose a write-up that reflects what the State Courts do and strive towards.” – Michelle Chiang, Assistant Director, Corporate Communications, State Courts

Client: The State Courts of Singapore
Brand Designers: INSIDEOUT