Ellipsis Journal (Encyclopaedic Journal) Issue 01 – Alphabet A

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ellipsis is a multidisciplinary print-based journal reflective of contemporary practice. Alphabetically themed, each issue aims to create an anthology of ideas, musings and knowledge.

The encyclopaedic journal focuses on ideas that may normally be omitted or unheard. The project celebrates the unusual and encourages taking a new approach to old ideas. The content is unlimited by format or medium so as to present diverse interpretations of issues and perspectives.

We wanted content to take precedence for ellipsis. Aesthetically pared down, the art direction is simple and straightforward – allowing content to come through. The typography and color scheme are clean and prominently complement the nature of the works and the encyclopaedic theme.

“Lynn + Tracey were instrumental in the creation of the inaugural issue of ellipsis journal. We had a very specific visual direction in mind and we were very pleased that Tracey not only executed our ideas perfectly but also incorporated her own aesthetic within the realised design. Lynn was intuitive to our needs, very reliable and would respond quickly to our feedback to the design drafts.

Even though we are based in London, they were extremely patient with us despite the inconvenience of time difference and still did an excellent job of delivering a project which relied solely on email communication. It was a truly enjoyable experience and we look forward to working with INSIDEOUT again on future projects.” – Kimberly Shen and Kelly Thomas

Presenters: Kimberly Shen and Kelly Thomas
Designers: INSIDEOUT

With the support of National Arts Council